“This song is about how black people are treated by the government, the police and each other. It is a very powerful message delivered in a mesmerizing manor to maybe help instill change on everyones part. Inspired by true events and personal experience from all parties involved. This song was recorded in September 2019 and I almost trashed it believing that no one would be interested in this topic. How wrong I was but better late than never.”

Those are the words of Ill Knob as

For some rappin’ is a hobby; for others it is a religion – something that moves their soul and inspires them to pursue greatness. Count Ill Knob among the latter. The Queens-born, Brooklyn-bred and Long Beach, California-based emcee first fell in love with hip-hop in junior high school. Today, his passion for the music has reached the highest level. “I love hip-hop like I love my daughter,” he says. Fortunately for Knob, hip-hop loves him just as much. His witty wordplay and insightful storytelling has earned him such high profile fans as the RZA and Wu-Tang Clan producer 4th Disciple. The two worked with Ill Knob in the mid 1990s, producing the song “Bless Ya Life” for his group KGB. Knob traveled with the Wu-Tang Clan family to California to work on albums from such Wu affiliates as Deadly Venoms, Wu-Syndicate, Shyheim and Sunz Of Man. The trip changed his life. “This was a big break for me to relax and chill out,” Knob recalls. “I got my mind and myself together. I knew when I was living in New York, that there was somewhere else and that there was more than just Coney Island, Brooklyn. I had been to Miami and a lot places that were nice, but when I came out to LA, I was like this is it. Now I’m bi-coastal.” Knob took advantage of California’s relaxed atmosphere and dedicated himself to sharpening his rap skills.

After you may have learned the words on this lyric video, go visit Spotify to stream the song.

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