“Perfect Outfit” is a soulful collaboration between LA-based singer Wit Blu and producer Icarus Moth that marks the beginning of a string of 2020 release. Wit Blu is a musical brainchild of singer/songwriter Whitney Carr who wished to explore the eclectic side of her life and this new moniker serves as the perfect outlet for an entirely new vibe. The track has a mellow and reflective vibe with its clean keys, bright synths, and sparse drum arrangement which all adds that alluring feel to Wit Blu’s angelic vocals that glide over it like honey over freshly baked pancakes.

“Perfect Outfit” is an entire mood on its own and its something we really need to brighten up our days in these gloomy times.

Perfect Outfit is the follow-up release for Wit Blu since her UK-based GEO produced single  Burgundy . Get “Perfect Outfit” on all DSPs here.


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