San Fernando Valley-based emcee Hundo recently released his new project titled ‘This Is Not the Album.’ A 9 track project that brings the listener closer to the rapper’s life experiences and then some. The project kicks off on a pretty strong note with the song “Bulletproof” where he addresses a wide range of topics from Colin Kaepernick to Kanye West’s white house visit. Tracks like “Frostbite” and “Church” has a more upbeat feel that accentuates Hundo’s fiery flow and go-getter mindstate. On “Forreal” featuring  Noah Bentley, Hundo focuses on growth and love as he proclaims that he is tired of playing the filed and needs someone who is real in every sense of the word. “Big mad” addresses the haters by putting them in their place.

At 9 tracks long, This Is Not the Album.’ sure attempts to cover a lot with varying soundscapes and styles, Hundo brings a new and unique vibe mixed with personal experiences making it quite engaging from start to finish.


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