Aspiring rapper Hoodz delivers an upbeat bouncy jam in the form of his single “Look What I Did”. The record showcases his energetic display and entertaining performance over a trap influenced bouncy cut. He may not be on that super lyrical tip but he gets the job done with a style that is more youthful with an upbeat drive. Guest appearances in the music video include a number of celebrities such as Cardi.B who is seen next to Hoodz in the opening scene to Queen Latifah and none other than Toronto’s home town hero Drake.


Bio : Steven “Hoodz DaGeneral” Manu is a young, ambitious and dedicated individual who’s main objective in life is to Get Everything That Eventually Matters (GetEm). With the immense potential within him, Hoodz’s passion towards his endeavours causes him to be a force to be reckoned with and you can identify it within his individuality. Hoodz, at a young age, picked up the interest in music from watching the older boys in the neighbourhood rap while living in the Greater Toronto Area’s west end (Rexdale, Mount Olive). After being quiet for long enough Hoodz started freestyling and writing lyrics to which he then began recording himself. Rapping, Acting and his enthusiasm for Entrepreneurship soon enough developed into an occupation of Getting Everything That Eventually Matters. 

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