Ghea! Diggler back up in this ready to drop heavy so as result of that lets get it started.. Ladies and Gentlemen introducing you The Word Is Bond 2.0 …First and foremost a big shout out to J and Andrei in the creation of the 2.0 Flex.. Also to all the WIB readers, supporters, artists a big huge thank you for keeping Word Is Bond in motion and for showing us the love and support from all of you!..We greatly appreciate it and keeps us motivated as well!. So keep us locked here for giveaways, exclusive WIB VS Tracks, ear drum melting material to catch up on so, sit back relax and enjoy the sound chin checks!..

Found this duo from Los Angeles “Hoodini & King!” They rip it lyrically and production is on point.. Bit late on it but also there is more recent heat they dropped.. Along with their first LP “A California Classic” also dropping a most recent track just released a couple days ago.. Highly recommend you listen and show your support by slappin’ these heat knocks properly! Back on deck ghea!



Hoodini&King!: FaceBook
Hoodini: Twitter

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