It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from West Covina artist Hawdwerk. Since his last effort as a blue collar worker, we see him now taking a different approach; this time around.. he’s telling his story through the upcoming documentary, HAWDWERK is Jamil Potts. You guys will have a look into the life of the man we may not have known to this point.

To introduce you to this brother, he comes up shedding (through true strength) his dark past about sexual abuse through his video snippet/trailer, Trigger Warning. He doesn’t expose much, but I’m sure that the visuals and the lyrics (if you pay close attention) will be enough for you to inquire within.

The unfortunate part about this topic is that it’s not spoken much about in the world of hiphop, especially among men (particularly within the African American [or Black] community), with the exception of the news involving the founder of hiphop and Zulu Nation, Afrika Bambaataa. The goal for this trailer is to raise awareness to sexual abuse (stats: men = 1 in 6; women = 1 in 4 before the age of 18; America being 1 in the top 5 countries that has a highest, yet staggering rate in sexual abuse).

Look forward to seeing his documentary this summer.

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