“Good Thing” is a collaborative track that sees Danish producer/singer, Marie Dahlstrom, working alongside New Yorker Linda Diaz emerging London-based rapper Aligo and Brooklyn-based singer/producer Elijah Fox .

The track has a smooth dreamy feel with its lush keys, warm basslines, and a solid rhythm to match, all crafted by Elijah Fox. The track starts off with Diaz’s honeyed vocals followed by Dahlstrom’s characteristic delicate melodies while Aligo shows up on the 3rd verses with a solid rap verse to close it up. Each artist sure delivers the goods and display their own individual take on reciprocation and communication in a relationship.

“Good Thing” stands as Linda Diaz’s first new music since winning NPR‘s esteemed Tiny Desk Contest 2020. Both Elijah, and Aligo also contributed to Marie’s acclaimed debut album Like Sand, on “I Want You” and “Summer Evenings“, respectively.

Following the release of Like Sand in May earlier this year, new single “Good Thing” marks the beginning of a new chapter for Dahlstrom, and another new release on her new label JFH Records – named after the block of flats where Marie, Aligo, and frequent collaborator Dan Diggas all live together.


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