Singer/songwriter Gabrielle Lynn delivers her new single “Life’s Been Crazy” to our earshot. The track sees her collaborating with two-time Grammy award-winning producer DeMarioRioTheyNeedahitBridges who gifts her with a surreal and solemn backdrop made up of warm pads and rich piano keys. Here, Gabrielle pours her heart on wax with a compelling tale of human fortitude and resilience in the face of adversity.

Life’s been crazy,
Have you seen me lately,
Picked myself up,
Now the trouble don’t faze me,
Everything I prayed to have is right in front of me,
I thank GOD for all the people who’s been doubting me,”

Here, she gives a gripping account of the never-ending struggles she faced and how she weaved through the craziness with the grace of God and her indomitable spirit that helped her rise above her detractors and naysayers.



Gabrielle Lynn is a remarkable songwriter herself and has not only written songs for Leela James but also secured spots for six of her compositions in movie films.

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