G Dot & Born connect with the legendary Masta Ace on “Ghetto Survivors” . A ghetto tale of personal struggle and all that lies in between. A solid collabo as the 3 emcees give separate perspectives with engaging results.
Hit the play button and get with the program.
Those who live comfortably behind white picket fences, are often quick to judge the lifestyle and culture of those raised by the corners. As block boys turned emcees, Boston’s G dot & Born, have studied the game and have taken their experiences from the streets to the studio, as exemplified on their latest leak, “Ghetto Survivors.” Production wise, Ben Hedibi crafts a soulful, slap heavy instrumental, laced with a well composed scratch hook courtesy of, DJ Technic, that takes it back to the bare bones fundamentals of MPCs and SL-1200s. And if Edo G was first to roll out the record carpet for the revivalist duo, than Masta Ace will help them to continue their ascend, with his proficient raps that details the ‘dos and dont’s’ of ghetto survival…”don’t try to have the whole block scared of you, you never know what the scared are
prepared to do.” “Ghetto Survivors” is now available for purchase, courtesy of iTunes, and all other major digital retailers.

Buy Link (iTunes): HERE

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