Verse Essential ft Vast Aire, Substantiall, Access Immortal, C-Ray Walz and many more

01.The Opening
02.Between The Lines (Feat. C-Rayz Walz)
03.Nothing To Lose (Feat. JD Nero)
04.The American Nightmare (Feat. Access Immortal & Conquest)
05.Old School, New School
08.Can’t Quit Her
09.The Three Kings (Feat. Mighty Ravage & Substantial)
11.HeavyWeights (Feat. Karniege, Swave Sevah, Loer Velocity & Vast Aire)
12.The Pain
14.Strike With A Vengeance (Feat. Fess Gotchu)
15.Like It Should Be
16.Now You Know (Feat. Fess Gotchu & Access Immortal)
17.More Than A Man
18.The Ownerz (Feat. Todd Sykes & Access Immortal)
19.The World Is Mine (Feat. Melinda Neal)
20.The Closing
21.Suntoucher Part 2 (Feat. Mello, Access Immortal, Emaze, Karniege & Science)



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