Nostalgia 77 – When Love Is Strange

Mo Kolours – Biddies

Real dope jazzy vibes in this Label Love compilation. Featuring artists from a range of well respected labels this is one of the best freenesses I’ve seen in a minute. Here’s the description:

Label Love is an eclectic yet unified bundle of unique sounds compiled simply for the love of sharing them with the universe – each track plucked and presented by label heads from Decon Records, Fat Beats, One-Handed Music, Stones Throw, Tru Thoughts, Wah Wah 45s, and Wax Poetics.

Each label evokes its own signature giving this collection a diversified and interesting flow of genres. Label Love consists of nostalgic classics, unreleased gems, and exclusive selections with the goal of expanding minds to new musical styles.


You can check out the other two Label Love compilations on their Bandcamp, again for nothing.


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