Nujabes Tribute – Jason Yang

26th Febuary 2010 saw the death of Nujabes.  Saturday will be the 1 year anniversary and i wanted to create a compilation of the best tribute songs to him.  With the exception of one track all these tribute songs were already posted for free.  For some of the tracks this is the first time they have been in available on mp3.  And i was lucky enough to be able to include a unreleased Marcus D song.  So although you may already have most of these songs i hope its worth downloading for the ones you don’t.   I was’nt going to make a tribute mix as i didn’t feel the need to do one but after so many of you disagreed with me on Facebook i now feel it was right to create this compilation.  If you are new to my compilations check out my youtube channel.  Artwork by LinkHermit.   Without further ado i present: Flowers for Jun.




Tracklist and download links after the jump…

01. Eternal Soul – Ruto
02. Homeward Journey – Uyama Hiroto
03. Tribute to Nujabes – Kondor
04. Hope Springs Eternal – Witness
05. In Memory of Nujabes – Blazo
06. Long Live Nujabes – Marcus D
07. ヌジャベスへ(To Nujabes) (Interlude) – KUROISOUL
08. Soul Departure – Mark Meronek
09. Nujabes Tribute – Jason Yang
10. Keep Moving – Nak x Michita x Evan Awake
11. The World Loves You – FreshGalaxy
12. Seeking – Otso
13. Autumn – ВАНЯ
14. Stairway to Heaven – Ajay
15. Poem of Sky and Sea (Robotaki Remix) – Tenmon 天門
16. L’Ange Dans Le Ciel – Rookie
17. Counting Stars (Nujabes Tribute) – Freddie Joachim
18. A Verse For Life – Ash Day
19. Another Wind – Senpai

All praise goes to the artists who made the tracks.  As always if your song is featured in here without permission, i apologise, im just trying to introduce people to new artists and new sounds.   Please share this compilation.  Other blogs feel free to post this.

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