Teebs – Untitled 2

Teebs – Untitled 4

Teebs – Untitled 8

Alright so I was thinking what to drop today and other than the Jameszoo mix I put up a few weeks ago I noticed that Teebs had never had any music posted on Word Is Bond ever. Now it’d be irresponsible of me to know about a producer as nice as he is and not let you in on it so I thought I’d show you this. It’s a selection of tracks that are either from his album or that never made it, plus a mix he did for Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC Radio 1 Experimental Show over here in the UK which were originally given out free after a gig but after it made its rounds on the internet Teebs put it out for free. It’s a couple of years old so its not new (observation skills ahoy) but it’s a nice batch of freeness to introduce you to the wonderful world of Teebs. His music is ambient, melodic, and just all in all incredible. His album Ardour, released off Brainfeeder I think (and everyone knows if you’re signed to Brainfeeder you’re good), is amazing, if you like this tape MAKE SURE you buy the album. All in all, one of my favourite producers and I can only apologise for not sharing him before!


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