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Highly recommended for your purchase, the dope new album by Jacksonville native Willie Evans Jr., you expect it to go right and he goes left.. way left. Cop & support!

Willie Evans Jr. is the physical manifestation of Hip-Hop and one of the funkiest cats to ever touch a microphone and MPC. You see, not only will Willie rap circles around your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, he can also craft a beat, so funky that Clyde Stubblefield himself would be proud. The Jacksonville, Florida bred MC/Producer/Visual Artist is at the forefront of a collective of artists that have single handedly managed to put Northeast Florida on the map as a cauldron of Hip-Hop and artistic expression.

His new album Introducin’ is fully produced by Willie Evans Jr. The album itself tells the story of a kid (Willie) who’s can’t learn music the traditional way so he decides to use the MPC to express himself.


Willie Evans Jr.: Twitter . Bandcamp


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