Pig Pen – What It Used To Be

Pig Pen – Just Begun

Pig Pen – The Last

Producer reppin detroit..and its fresh and this could be his last one…Which was stated…Via Facebook…”Just announced by Pig Pen via Facebook:
“My last beat tape, coming August 2011”

…To Much talent to just begin to end..but lets see…

Known for both his quality AND quantity of beats, Pig Pen has appeared on DetroitRap.com for his impressive beat tapes and has supplied the heat to many different artists in the Detroit area over the past couple of years, including ‘Abstrakt Intellekt’ and ‘Aztek the Barfly’. Noted for his fiery stage presence, JRN has collaborated with numerous artists including ‘Foulmouth’ and ‘PHD’ of ‘Da Bash Brotherz’, as well as focusing on upcoming bodies of work lyrically, for Waste Management crew..

Dont forget to donate to the cause of hiphop and the never ending talent that gets better and better…. DON’T BE ON DA SLUMBER YET BEAT FREAKS…WIB JUS BEGUN!!!!GGHEEAA!!!


DOWNLOAD “Anybody Can Be Cool​.​.​.​But Awesome Takes Practice” ON BANDCAMP

Pig Pen: Facebook


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