Moonchild – Murda Sketch Ft. Magestik Legend

Moonchild – Walk On By Ft. C-Reid and P.H.D

“Love for the Music”; is the exact reason why this album was even created. Its substance contains beats that I made between 2008 -2011. These are a collection of songs that were brought together from other projects that I started, but wasn’t able to complete.
This was during a time of my life that I was contemplating not even doing this music shit anymore; demands from work were taking its toll, alongside the challenges of attaining an M.P.A. I almost felt like my dream was fading away while my stress levels and disappointment rose, but of course I kept it moving.
The emcees on this project are all from the state of Michigan, this is a fact that I take a lot of pride in. You will hear a lot more from these artist in the future, most of them have projects dropping on my label,
With this album I wanted to make it a 3 part series, for one to show my range as a producer, but to also represent some of these dope ass artist you need to be aware of. I wanted to take it album wise back to the basics, that is why there are no interludes, skits, intros or outros, it’s simply about the beats and rhymes. So sit back and enjoy, as I present, “Love for the Music”


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