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Coming out of the Inland Empire area of Los Angeles California you have the Magnificent Ruffians colabing with super producer AGQ from Spain! In todays music a lot of artist claim they are “international” yet they have never stepped foot off there own soil. To truely be international you must first travel and experience other people and other cultures. This album is exactly that! A perfect blend of English speaking emcee Specific of the Magnificent Ruffians and Spanish influenced beat bangers by AGQ. To add to the flavor, you have guest apperances by different Spanish speaking emcees on every track. Some are from Spain and some are from California but they are all dope! Spread the word, Spanglish Conquistadores are here to expand hiphop and explore uncharted lands for untold riches and weath beyond your wildest dreams! Enough said… Let the conquest begin!


DOWNLOAD “Spanglish Conquistadores” ON BANDCAMP CLICK HERE

Magnificent Ruffians: Myspace


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