Lupe Fiasco x Palm Of Ice – Intro (Two Seconds)

Lupe Fiasco x Palm Of Ice – Daydreamin

Lupe Fiasco x Palm Of Ice – Kick, Push

If you like Jazzy beats, remixes or both then today’s a good day and you should be in love with me.

Ok so it’s funny sometimes  how we find stuff to put on WordIsBond. I found this when I searched ‘kick’ in my iPod and misselected Mo’ Record Kicks (which is a dope album by the way) and got the Kind Of Lu remix of Kick, Push instead. Then sorta paused for a moment and revelled in the moment cos I haven’t listened to this for a while. Then wondered what I was doing standing around like a lemon and not blogging this sh**.

Anyway this is a cute set of remixes for some of Lupe Fiasco acapella’s off Food & Liquor with a couple of skits. It was made after hearing this Lupe Fiasco interview (which is worth a listen totally). This, to me, demonstrates the qualities of simplicity. They aren’t sophisticated chops with intricate cuts, they’re just really well chosen loops, mainly Ahmed Jamal and I don’t think there’s even any third party bass in there either, with good drums, and good drums turn a good loop into a dope track. Heads up for you up and coming producers eh.


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