Great instrumental album!

“This particular album is entitled “7 Days of the Breaks”. The reason as to why I picked this title is some what complex. My original project “Iro Iro” was a representation of the emotions I went through every time I would see a particular color. This project is the same, except it expresses the feelings, emotions and memories I experience during a full week. The reason “Breaks” is included into the title is because all of the drums in the this album are sampled drum breaks. To add onto that, it also incorporates the Japanese language along with some of the same samples included in “Iro Iro”. In that sense, the album is an expression of what I go through in a week as well as the colors that affect my emotions and experiences during that week. I hope that wasn’t too confusing. I think that’s about it, so the only left to say is…..ENJOY!



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