Indigo Kids – Get Up (Cuts by K-Rec)

Indigo Kids – Sport of Rhyme

Indigo Kids – Get Busy on ‘Em (Feat. Manitou, Cuts by K-Rec)

Peace peoples the good brothers over at Jellyfish Recordings busted this one to me and I have to say it’s pure gold in my view, the whole collective keep hitting things on point so check all their other releases too and support this great music. Higher Forms features Vancouver emcees  Axiom and Kapok doing what they do best on a backdrop of sample heavy boom bap. The album features vocals by Panther, Claire Mortifee and Manitou out of France. All the cuts by DJ K-rec. Production is lead by Axiom with additional beats by Kapok, Headspace and AstroLogical. Mad respect to all involved my auditory has been blessed once again! Also for some great visuals pop over to their website and check it out (links below).


Indigo Kids Facebook • Website •

Jellyfish Recordings FacebookTwitterWebsite

Bless ups!!


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