in theory – singularity

in theory – fingerprints of the maker ft. ravi zacharias, verbal

in theory – duality (feat. bruce lee)

It makes my day when I open a mail and a gem, from an artist unknown proves soo deam good, that brings a smile whilst posting.

“In Theory” is a japanese producer and “Singularity” is his debut album. And what a way to start…In Theory produces beautiful piano, jazzy trips, that take you to unknown places. He learns from the same Japanese “school” and sound that the great late Nujabes originally founded and puts his own twist…as he focuses much more on the piano and percussion as the driver for this melodic journeys.

Download, listen, and have a great weekend vibing to this.

In Theory: Singularity is the name of my debut album, which, among other things, is most definitely a nod to the late nujabes. the album carries some serious overtones of both jazz and hip-hop, though i’ve injected much of my own flavor into it as well. you guys being the formidable, de-facto promoter of great underground artists that you are, i’m here to shamelessly ask if you could possibly plug the album on your page? i would be eternally grateful. my bottom line is that the music is heard, so it’s 100% non-profit as i don’t want to do anything that could deter anyone from listening. just for the love of the art and spreading the good name of jazz

In Theory definitely a brother to keep an eye on. Major thanks to Peter Kim aka In Theory for sending this in.

DOWNLOAD “Singularity” HERE FROM MEDIAFIRE (Highly recommended)

In Theory: Facebook . Bandcamp


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