Craken – What to say

Diggin’it is the first independent producer Craken, 18 instrumental cuts that summarize his views on music production. Soul, jazz, funk … A journey along the black music Crake gives us bases in 43 minutes of free usage.”Craken” is representing Spain…..Dopeness!”
Diggin’it is an intimate work that exudes the influences and musical interests of its author, concerned about offering tracks that are adequate to the needs of the MC. And that demonstrates its versatility. The variety of samples and Crake offers styles that make up a rich and comprehensive work, in which each MC mattress can find that rhythm you want.

But Diggin’it is not only a tool. You can simply enjoy this sonic journey, moving from Motown to the Philly sound in minutes, soaked with Electro Soul or recreate in deeper. Diggin’it is a work focused both MCs who want to use the bases for their enjoyment instrumental.


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