I’ve been writing and publishing content online for the past twelve years. I have had articles republished on other sites without my permission plenty of times, but, to my knowledge, I have not been straight up plagiarized before.

HipHop Magz is the lowest of the low when it comes to an entertainment website. They apparently have a staff of “writers” who provide content on a daily basis. However, if you look into the articles, you will find that they have all been copied from other sources. Their “writers” don’t even appear to be real people.

According to their Facebook page, they “represent the newest and freshest hip hop news, album reviews, interviews, editorials, unreleased audio, videos & more!”

They certainly are correct about the fresh part. They steal their content from other sources almost immediately.

I wrote a piece focusing on a local emcee and it was embraced well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given the credit for it. For some reason, my article, word-for-word, was jacked, and credited to someone named Natasha Whilm. There it has racked up over 2000 views and nearly a hundred likes.

The next post I wrote included my audio interviews with G Premacy and Bif Naked. HipHopMagz jacked it the very same hour I published it here. This time they credited my work to Danielle Renee. Whoever this is, if it is even a real person, didn’t change any of the wording in my piece. It’s kind of funny because I wrote this in the first person, and it is very clear that Danielle had nothing to do with the interviews.

Someone named Postmasterryyy took credit for the very next piece I wrote about SirRealWorld Studios new video.

A friend of mine did some research and it appears that most, if not all, of their content is lifted from other sources, credited to fictional writers, and reposted as if it were original content.

HipHop Magz hasn’t responded to my messages on Instagram, Facebook, or email, even though I can see that they have been read.  I didn’t ask for much, simply that they not use these writers anymore and that they credit me for my work. That should’ve been easy enough.

It’s frustrating to see a fraudulent hip-hop site like this one in operation. It’s even worse to see the large number of followers they have on their social media accounts.

We do this for the love of the culture here at The Word is Bond. Our writers and contributors are all real people who are active in the hip-hop scene.

It’s hard to combat against a fake website that steals our content. We could really use your help. If you follow HipHop Magz on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, please unfollow them. If you see that your friends follow these accounts, please ask them to stop as well.

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