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‘Maybe I’m not big cos I don’t blog or twitter…‘ Shad’s opening line to his epic Yaa I Get It. Maybe he’s just being bitter (well he says he is) but these days social media is becoming more and more important to how big an artist becomes; probably the most extreme example is the way Soulja Boy’s built up his brand through Myspace, Twitter etc. So there’s no doubt, it plays a big role for both listeners having opportunities to hear new music and artists having opportunities to get hear, and it seems now every artist has a Twitter account or Facebook page.

But how personally has it affected you? Clearly you’re reading and getting new music right this very moment through WIB, so how much has blogging, twitter and so on changed, broaden or even narrowed your taste in music and your music collection? Is Hip Hop unique in that more free music is dropped in the genre than arguably any other? Are there any drawbacks to the role social media plays in music? And if you’re an artist, how have you used it to your advantage (if you have at all); infact, do you feel like you have to tweet and blog in order to keep up with the rest?

Lots of questions and discussion to be had, but it’s a real interesting and relevant topic in this modern world of music. If you have an an opinion, don’t hesitate to share it.

Oh and a quick note, you probably heard Akrobatik’s in hospital after a heart attack. If you want to share your good wishes, feel free to do so on our forums here.

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