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On BBC Radio 4 here in Britain we got a radio programme which I love called Desert Island Discs. The concept isn’t complicated and it’s pretty well known; there’s a 45 minute long interview of a well known personality, interrupted every so often with a record, one that the interviewee’s chosen they would have if they were to be ‘stuck on a desert island’. But, it’s a concept I find really really interesting. It’s quite surreal at times actually, interjecting deeply personal questions about childhood with a 70s punk tune!

But anyway, onto the subject at hand (click to to go the forum topic); you’re stuck on a desert island and you’re allowed three albums. Which three would you choose and why? Sentimental value, first album you bought maybe? Because they’re long, or varied, or have so much quality you’ve been bumping them for 15 years anyway?! I wanna hear what you’d choose, and it don’t necessarily have to be strictly Hip Hop either. And for those that contributed already, would you change the three you’ve chosen? I went with S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M (One Be Lo), Hybrid Perception (Evan Awake) and The Mouse And The Mask (DangerDoom) back in November I think it was, but now it’s hard to imagine life without Dilla’s Donuts and Dimlite’s Prismic Tops!

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