The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Vall4300 – “OMW”


Vall4300 opens up the list with “On my way!” a mid-tempo reflective track that sees the rapper reflecting on his love for his girl. Through the ups and downs, he assures her that he would be there for her while imploring her not to be worried. “OMW” is taken from his #TableOfContents project

Dash Positive – “About You”


Producer/artist Dash Positive delivers a feel-good track titled “About You.” Over a smooth solemn piano-laden backdrop, he reminds us to count our blessings and be content with what it is we have in our possession.

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Illegal NoiZe – “I Know I Know” (ft. Dubbygotbars & Chrisjenkins)


Illegal NoiZe tap the verbal talents of Dubbygotbars and Chrisjenkins for this dark and vibrant track titled “I Know I Know”. The record is pretty hard-hitting and features a plethora of wordplay and rhyme schemes from the emcees.

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Shawn Mocey x Duzk Beats – “Here for a Reason”


“Here for a Reason” is an upbeat motivational record by PA emcee Shawn Mocey and NJ Duzk Beats. The duo sure brings a new meaning to energetic conscious music with this solid record ripe with anthemic elements while Mocey peppers it with insightful raps.

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Kid G x Apollo Flores – “Moves”

Kid G and Apollo Flores put the pedal to the metal on their new collaboration titled “Moves.” Backed by. dark and cienmatic backdrop, both rappers go back to back with fiery flows and passionate lyrics.

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James Chelliah x Cam May x Grace Joyram – “yaldabaoth”


“yaldabaoth” is a somber and reflective track from UK rapper/songwriter James Chelliah, producer Cam May, and creative director Grace Joyram. Built over a smooth guitar riff, smooth drums, and a premise that many can relate to. With all the craziness happening in the world, the artists deem it fit to find their own little escapism away from the maddening crowd.

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M3rcii – “MPR”


M3rcii‘s new single “MPR” is a detailed tale of getting Money, Power, and Respect by any means necessary. Over a dark backdrop, M3rcii shows listeners what he would do to get all three.

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Redd Simpkins x Chuuwee – “Fool (Remix)”


Redd Simpkins revisits his previous single and brings in Sac Town’s Chuuwee for “Fool (Remix).” Over a punchy but moody backdrop, both emcees detail their individual journeys in this thing called life. “Fool (remix)” is a follow-up to the original version which was released on Orlando rapper Redd Simpkins’ album Curse of the Lucid Dreamer in 2020.

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Dom Giavonni – “Sunset Blvd”


Dom Giavonni gets introspective in his new release titled “Sunset Blvd” a mellow jazz-infused track that sees the rapper reflecting on his time around the famous “Sunset Blvd. Armed with his mellow flow and detailed lyrics, he really brings us into the mix with his charismatic flow.

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Dude DeVito – “Scarred Laughs”

Dude DeVito‘s “Scarred Laughs” is a deep and poignant look into personal trauma, its effects, and the need to sometimes just laugh it off and keep pushing in order to stay afloat. Inspired by his own troubled upbringing, DeVito delivers a heartfelt and insightful tale of addiction, betrayal of love, and loss of loved one over a gloomy and punchy backdrop.

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Dorian Whyte x Lightweight Literate – “Almost There”


“Almost There” is a heartfelt and reflective collaboration between Dorian Whyte and Lightweight Literate. Over a sublime and solemn backdrop, Dorian takes us deep into his life and all the hurdles he has to face. Armed with a solid work ethic and hope, he reminds us that quitting is not an option and success is not far-fetched.


Raz Hardy & The Mich Kidd – “AOA”


The duo of Raz Hardy & The Mich Kidd caught our ears with this solid collaboration titled “AOA.” The track has a dreamy and cinematic feel while the raps are filled with uplifting and motivational lyrics as the duo run through their journey filled with passion and determination for success.

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60 East – “Scallops”


60 East is on one in his new single “Scallops” and brings pure verbal heat over a moody backdrop provided by Producer Raidarap. No one is spared as 60 East drops a handful of face slapping wordplay and schemes to keep listeners locked in.


Kae Kuzi – “Local Tyrant”


Kae Kuzi‘s new single “Local Tyrant” is a solemn and introspective piece that follows the rising rapper’s life using football stars as an analogy. From their quick saves, frenzied tackles, and characteristics, Kuzi gives listeners a relatable and honest look into his world.
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G Versa – “Crazy”

G Versa draws from his experiences and pours them out on wax in his new single “Crazy” He takes listeners deep into his life as he reflects on betrayal, self-doubt, and Nay -sayers trying to detract him from his goals.

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Savoy Ellis – “Where Are You Love” (feat. Derran Day & Natasha Shantel)

Producer/artist Savoy Ellis returns with a new single “Where Are You Love” featuring singers Derran Day and Natasha Shantel. The result is a love-soaked track ripe with soothing melodic runs and evocative lyrics that explore what true love is.

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G Major XCLSV – “Melt the Pot”


G Major XCLSV caught our attention with his new release “Melt the Pot.” A dark hard-hitting track is ripe with punchy drum grooves and off-kilter lyricism.

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Vicious Teknique – “Loyalty”

Indie emcee Vicious Teknique digs deep in his new song “Loyalty” where he reflects on true loyalty and his art in the face of naysayers. He makes use of a gloomy trap backdrop to share his candid thoughts

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D. Rymz – “Word Is Bond” featuring Mickey Factz


Yonkers, NY emcee D. Rymz brings out pure lyricism in his new single “Word Is Bond” featuring fellow NY veteran Mickey Factz. Backed by a gloomy and cinematic backdrop, both emcees deliver solid performances ripe with vivid lyrical stylings while paying homage to the city of NY.


Abyss x Reks – “Survival”


Massachusetts hip-hop artist Abyss kicks off the year by teaming up with decorated underground stalwart Reks for a poignant and reflective tune titled “Survival”. Backed by the gloomy backdrop provided by Kam of HustleMan Beats, the duo shares their thoughts on real-time issues ranging from social injustice, addiction to daily tribulations that everyone can relate to.

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Alec Hershey x Substantial – “You Are”


Alec Hershey and Substantial team up for this adulation-filled single titled “You Are.” Bolstered by dreamy and reflective soundscapes, Substantial delivers a heartwarming ode to his wife while Alec pays tribute to the women who hold us down regardless of the situation.

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Moonchild x Lalah Hathaway – “Tell Him”


As Moonchild prepares to drop his forthcoming album Starfruit, they drop a new single “Tell Him” featuring veteran singer Lalah Hathaway. The smooth single is a heartfelt and soul-gripping piece that explores unrequited love and its effects.

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