Many a beat has been ruined by MCs jacking one from a beat tape and rhyming over them. You have to tread very carefully when you do it, especially when the beats are outstanding like Vanilla’s are. Some of my favourite chops have come from Vanilla’s releases, which are instantly recognisable by the emphatic bass and melodic cuts. However, Flow Patrol treads the line just right on this collaborative project, the duo working together on this release. High Life In Soft Focus features beats and production from Vanilla’s High Life and Soft Focus (whoa!), and although it’s difficult to say that the lyrics add to the songs necessarily they give a totally different interpretation which you have to give props to FP and his lyrical guests for. If you are big Vanilla fan, you should definitely check this out, and hopefully it inspires Vanilla to do some more efforts with MCs because this is a real good marker of how good it can be. Very dope release.

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