UK based producer FlamesYall hooked up with The Movement Fam’s frontline emcee  on this smooth laid back cut which actually came out in 2012, but they were benevolent enough to hit us up with the visuals. Here Cee‘s reflective lyrics is juxtaposed against the infamous Montreal winter which further accentuates the angst in the lyrics. Cee keeps setting the bar as a very versatile lyricist which anyone can relate to as he-for lack of a better word- keeps it real all the way.

Tune in and get with the dopeness.

Get the audio HERE

It’s actually a funny story. FlamesYall asked Cee to write a song for his upcoming sex-themed EP.Cee somehow managed to mis-read the email with the instructions and wrote the song that became‘PromNight’, clearly off-topic. Instead of scrapping it and writing a new track, the two decided to release the tune as a single via Soundcloud. When Cee linked with Montreal-based videographerRichard Bastarache, they shot the video for the joint on location at Parc La Fontaine in the 514, and the rest is history.

The day was as cold as it looked – at a balmy -5, the crew (including Cee‘s girlfriend and video regular Tiffany Alexis, Cee‘s video body double and photographer Brandon Johnston, and Shane Russell, the videographer responsible for Cee‘s last video ‘When The Chips Are Down’) braved the weather and deep snow to shoot Bastarache’s concept. The precision editing in the final scene where Cee‘s dressed-for-prom character finally links with Tiffany creates the perfect finale.

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