So, seems as if Kanye West has taken to interviews on the radio waves all of a sudden (with the Breakfast Club and Sway broadcasts getting a buzzing reaction on twitter for the arguments and raised voices, and all the commotion surrounding him is getting kinda tedious now), but among all the hysteria is this one in which, believe it or not, Ye is asked about things other than his celebrity and his fashion, and demonstrates a sense of humility. Here is just 10 minutes of the full interview, which was conducted for the Juan Epstein podcast, in which Kanye talks about his hardware beginnings as a kid, his admiration of J Dilla, his achilles heel in production, and a rant at the end worth listening out for. This is one I’m actually looking forward to hearing in full, which should be out next week (subscribe to the Juan Epstein podcast on iTunes).

Now, when’s that Nardwuar v Kanye West interview coming…

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