Rapper/producer Fidem Beats shares his deepest and most personal memories on this new song titled  “Memories From The Bottom”. Over the mellow self-produced backdrop, he reflects on all the ups and downs and then some. There is a lot to unpack from the young man as we get to hear his wild stories about homelessness to incarceration to eventually making it in the industry. It’s very relatable and aspirational too.

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Fidem Beats just kind of popped up early around January this year as a Hip Hop/Trap/EDM music producer from America after he inked a distribution deal with “Infinite Elements” (An Indie Label out of Canada). With him he brings his elegant taste for ambient melodies with soul thumping drums and bass-lines. Fidem further adds  “I want to be the person that finds a way to create a brand new beautiful sound that moves not just one genre of fans but everyone, I want to create music that is timeless..”

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