At the moment im struggling to find some good music to share with everyone apart from the obvious releases, so i thought i would give you guys a list of some dope albums for you to check out when you get the chance!  Drop a comment and let me know what you think and let me know yours too.

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The CounterParts

The CounterParts – Dream Defferred

The CounterParts – Picture This

T-Know, BraelanB, Otayo Dubb, Gammaray and Fatgums are The CounterParts a group who have been making music together since the ’90’s.  This is simply just a dope album – easy to listen to, the production is dope.

Download their album Appetizer for free:

And buy their album here:

For more info visit


Exposition – The Metro

Exposition – Real Radio

Exposition – My Story

MC Exposition is easily one of my favourite rappers, both of his albums ‘The Metro’ and ‘Take a Penny Leave a Penny’ are great albums slept on by the masses.  He is now a member of Audible Mainframe a great hip hop group – check him and them out!

“Boston-based rapper MC Exposition teams up with production duo The D-Boyz on his solo debut. Blending live instruments with hard beats and conscious lyrics, this hip-hop “concept album” follows Expo through A Day in the Life of an everyday Urbanite, riding on the train. Dealing with social issues such as poverty, war, and the injustices in the world caused by greedy politicians and bigots, “The Metro” is something that anyone familiar with the true nature of Hip-hop and it’s message can enjoy.”



Fresh Breath Committee

Fresh Breath Committee – Soul Music

Fresh Breathe Committee – Keepin it Classic

This album has some GREAT tracks but unfortunatly for me – i don’t like many of the hooks!  But everyone else seemed to enjoy it!  Its a pretty solid album.  Great Potential.

“A unique sound, with messages contained in moving sound tracks of harmonies, beats, and melodies: Fresh Breath Committee is taking the foundation of hip hop and transcending it, by blending it with moving and inspiring music and narrative messages.”



SPAN PHLY – Lengthen the Lifespan

Span Phly – Lengthen the lifespan

Span Phly – Cloudy and Grey

I really liked this album.  The beats on this album are a little hit and miss but the lyrics are always on point.

“The Span Phly is a rapper/producer who has been honing his craft since he learned to speak. A wordsmith with almost too much to say he takes wisdom and blue collar common sense and weaves ideals over dark, handcrafted backdrops. After growing up all over the west coast he moved to Florida where he perfected the art, he now resides in Phoenix, Arizona”



Superstar Quamallah & Taj the Infinite – All Souled Out

Superstar Quamallah & Taj the Infinite – All Souled Out

Superstar Quamallah & Taj the Infinite – Midnite Over You

Love this album, nothing really really special but every track is good – easy to listen to.  Laid back jazzy hip hop.  The production is spot on.

“Taj the Infinite – emcee, writer and scholar – and DJ Superstar Quamallah – deejay, producer, Hip Hop historian and educator – are on a mission to rejuvenate the soul of black music in Hip Hop. The two combine insightful lyrics and prose with spirit sturring beats and melodies working to inspire and motivate the masses to have fun and be critical simultaneously.”



Well there you have 5 albums that i reccomend you check out!  That should keep you busy for a while!  Please lemme know what you think of them!  And if you like them tell a friend, share good music… i cannnot stress that enought!


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