The 2011 Red Bull Thre3style World Finals are next week in Vancouver! I’ve got the opportunity to check it out when it was held out in Los Angeles, where DJ Dynamix became the one of the contestants for the National Finals on the West Coast! Now, its getting down to eighteen DJs from across the world to represent for their countries and to compete for world dominance!

18 top DJs are converging on Vancouver, Canada, to compete for the title of Red Bull Thre3Style World Champion from December 13–17. To earn their place at the decks in Vancouver, the finalists had to battle it out with 100s of DJs from around the world through a series of regional and national qualifiers. The rules are simple enough: rock the crowd with a 15-minute set that incorporates at least three genres of music and keeps partygoers on their feet, and the judges impressed. Those Red Bull Thre3style judges include Canadian DJ stalwart Skratch Bastid, 2003 DMC Champion and MTV Canada resident DJ Dopey, plus the 2010 Thre3style Champion DJ Karve of France. They have to evaluate each performer on originality/creativity, track selection, technical skills, stage presence and audience response. The first four nights of the calendar are knock-out stages, with the winner of each stage advancing to the Red Bull Thre3Style World Final in the Commodore Ballroom on on December 17. Headlining each night is a wide range of DJ icons, including The Rub (Cosmo Baker and DJ Ayers), Stone Throw Records’ Peanut Butter Wolf, legendary producer Just Blaze, a special performance of DJ Premier vs. Pete Rock, DJ Nu-Mark’s signature Toy Set and a Red Bull Thre3Style World Final set by Z-Trip.

Hmm… let’s see who are the contestants down below! 


  • December 13th [at Bar None]: DJ Nedu Lopes (Brazil) vs. DJ FMC (Norway) vs. DJ Javier (Bolivia) vs. DJ Perplex (Australia); Headliners: The Rub, Smalltown DJs, & The Boyscouts
  • December 14th [at Venue Nightclub]: DJ Hedspin (Canada) vs. DJ Dippy (India) vs. DJ Robert Moreno (Argentina) vs. DJ Bitcode (Spain); Headliners: Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Skratch Bastid, & The Freshest Crew
  • December 15th [at Fortune Sound Club]: DJ Bazooka (Switzerland) vs. Big Al (UK) vs. DJ Pho (Colombia) vs. DJ 8Man (Japan) vs. DJ Ken (Denmark); Headliners: Just Blaze, Team Canada DJs, The Goodfellas, + Special Guest
  • December 16th [at Five Sixty]: DJ Supa (France) vs. DJ Spell (New Zealand) vs. DJ Big Once (USA) vs. DJ Thomas (Peru) vs. DJ Byte (Chile); Headliners: DJ Premier, Pete Rock, DJ Dopey, & Faction Sound Crew
  • December 17th [at Commodore Ballroom]: Winners from the previous competitions will be announced December 16th to compete. Headliners: DJ Z-Trip, DJ Nu-Mark, & Vinyl Ritchie


Tickets: [12/13] | [12/14] | [12/15] | [12/16] | [12/17]

Red Bull Thre3style: website | facebook | twitter
DJ Nedu Lopeswebsite | facebook | twitter
DJ FMCwebsite | facebook | twitter
DJ Javier: soundcloud | facebook | twitter
DJ Hedspinwebsite | facebook | twitter
DJ Dippy:  twitter
DJ Robert Moreno: website | facebook | twitter
DJ Bitcode: soundcloud | facebook | twitter
Big AL: website | facebook | twitter
DJ Pho: website | facebook | twitter
DJ 8Man: myspace | twitter
DJ Ken: website | facebook | twitter
DJ Spell: soundcloud | facebook | twitter
DJ Big Once: website | facebook | twitter
DJ Thomas Young: soundcloud
DJ Byte: website | facebook | twitter
The Rub: website | twitter cosmo baker/dj ayres/dj eleven
Smalltown DJs: website | facebook | twitter [Mike & Pete]
The Boyscouts: website | twitter (DJ P-LUV)/DJ Bubbs
Peanut Butter Wolf: website | facebook | twitter
Skratch Bastid: website | facebook | twitter
The Freshest Crew: website | facebook | twitter
Just Blaze: website | facebook | twitter
Team Canada DJs: website | twitter (DJ DR-1/GrandTheft)
The Goodfellas: website | facebook | twitter
DJ Premier: previous posts | twitter
Pete Rock: previous posts | twitter
DJ Dopey: twitter
Faction Sound Crew: websitetwitter
DJ Z-Trip: website | facebook | twitter
DJ Nu-Mark: website | facebook | twitter
Vinyl Ritchie: website





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