Sundays are usually spent on relaxing, getting ready for the work week, or just chilling out and unwinding from the entire week (including partying over the weekend). This past sunday was no exception as folks were in for a real treat as Henry Chalfant, the legendary graffiti writer SKEME (see here), and Catherine Keener were in attendance to help host the Los Angeles screening of Style Wars as part of KCRW‘s Summer Nights series.

WIBStyleWarsLA (1 of 13)Walking in the gate of Oscars Outdoors in Hollywood, you were treated to three graffiti artists who were painting on their canvases — Mear One, Risk One, & DCYPHER. What they were painting were their own tributes to the film, especially with DCYPHER’s Dondi painting (see above). A few feet north of the artistry were Hit+Run‘s t-shirt screening space, where they were screening tees of pictures that were taken during the time of film’s making. Some folks who were fans of the film were there with their tees in hand getting them screened on site or purchasing them there with them done already.

WIBStyleWarsLA (7 of 13)In the midst of all the festivities, KCRW‘s own Anthony Valadez kept everyone entertained with all sorts of joints from the eighties’ era of hiphop, from Rammellzee, Blondie, to some  Grand Wizard Theodore and the like. While there were people laid out in their bench chairs chillin’ to the music, some folks entertained themselves by dancing where they stood! Anthony had the party crackin’ for a great two hours right before the bboys from Long Beach came out and performed in front of a live audience.

Once they’ve finished, Anthony brought the guests of the evening out for a panel discussion. They started discussing topics such as Skeme’s strong views (if you can recall the episode with his mother), the first screening in New York (and how one graffiti writer wanted to beat up Henry), the comparisons of lifestyles of graffiti writers between then and now, and so forth. It was an awesome time witnessing history in front of our eyes, and we are definitely thankful to see them in person.

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

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