Next weekend, ChinkyEyed LA will be ten years into existence, so there is definitely a reason to celebrate. I remember when I was first introduced to them by my sister (shoutout to Alice), and they threw parties on a weekly basis under the moniker, Chinky Eyed Fridays. As the name got much bigger.. the special guests for the night of their events got even bigger too. Some of you favorite hiphop artists that’s in the game today have at least performed once or twice at a Chinky Eyed event (trust me). All thanks to their work ethic, this brand has created a monster with a bevy of fans to support the movement.

So be sure to come out and pay homage and bring in the new year for the movement and when you see them, thank them for bringing in your favorite artists and making the door fees cheap to get in, especially if you havent purchased your tickets to any of their events.

Speaking of tickets, hurry up and purchase yours because they’re sweeping out the door and you’ll be assed out when you get to the entrance trying to pay your way in. Trust me, this lineup with Jean Grae (alone) should make you come! It’s a rare occurence that Jean Grae comes out to LA and do shows..

Tickets: click here
ChinkyEyed LA: website | facebook | twitter
Jean Grae: blog | facebook | twitter
Swizzz: facebook | twitter
Hopsin: website | facebook | twitter
Sahtyre: bandcamp | facebook | twitter
Nicky D’s: website | facebook | twitter
Quinto Sol: facebook
DJ B Original: website | facebook | twitter
Surrilla: bandcamp | facebook | twitter


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