The 2013 A3C Hip Hop Festival has returned for its ninth year, and this time around they’ve extended their stay from three days… to five! This year, they’ve arranged the festival with starting off with the film part of the festival for the first two days, and with the shows (+everything else) as the final three! Tickets are on sale right now (and they’re cheap as hell), so your best bet is to make your money work for you! Ticket prices will rise, so be forewarned.

This festival will be taking place in four different, generalized hubs in Atlanta: DowntownOld 4th Ward, Little 5 Points and East Atlanta Village (see map below)The artist lineup hasn’t been announced yet, so stay tuned as we will be bringing you that update as soon as they release it!

Last year, we’ve got the opportunity to cover the festival for three days, and believe me when I say it was definitely an experience to be a part of! Considering that it was my first time ever being in Atlanta, I must say that seeing your favorite artists performing within centimeters apart from you (or any fan in the venue) is one of the most exciting experiences to take in! With that being said, make sure you guys come out

A3C Event Locations Map
A3C 2013 Event Locations Map
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