NY rapper Euro League is back in the foreground with this conceptual track called  ‘Magazine Vs Magazine‘. I must say it’s been a minute since I heard any new joint from the man in question and what he gives us right here is pure lyricism with a distinctive vibe. The track was produced by MP Williams (probably need to check some of his other work as well).

Tune in and get with the program

He produced it with MP Williams, who produced for A$AP Rocky and was named a Complex/Pigeons & Planes best new producer. He’s already gotten the stamp of approval from Kendrick Lamar. This is the first single off Euro Trip: Continuum – he’s been on hiatus for nearly a year to support fellow ReeLife crew member Doley Bernays’ step into the spotlight. James Ashli supports background vocals, and Jay De Rienzo is on the guitar.

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