Straight out of Philadelphia comes this rapper named Emanuel X and he drops on our laps this interesting visual for his fourth and final single, Fadead, from his album Gold Tombs. I love the backing track because it captures the emotions of the storyline in the song. Enough respect to Huru Salim who produced the track. Emanuel X gets point from me for the poetic style of approach to the rhymes. Its beautiful and somewhat refreshing to hear something in this nature where you are talking about a vice but not trying to glorify it like most rappers do in recent times. The imagery of the video is reminiscent of a man’s mind under the influence of drugs and how everything is doubled up or backward or basically unusual as opposed to what a clear and sane mind would process. And just in case you don’t know what ‘Mary J’ and ‘Coke’ refer to, like KRS-One said…”You must learn!” Hit the play button and zone out to this very soulful and mellow track. It’s sure to give you goose bumps.

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