In the midst of the K-dot name dropping controversy, NYC’s DXA drops a throwback tribute gem titled ‘All The MCs’. Produced by Ice Rocks who channels the aura of Primo, nostalgia of ’94 and jazzy aesthetics of the tribe and featuring Too Deep, this could be called a cousin to Joey’s dirty basement styled tracks; both have the retro feel which are channeled through different influences.

This is my first introduction to this group and I’m sure gonna be paying more attention as time goes. Check out their EP HERE 

Though the Golden Age of Hip-Hop is a distant memory for many of us, New York City’s DXA is proof that it’s effects have not gone unnoticed. The group, which stands for Dirty Xplicit Artists -or- Droppin Xplicit Artwork, originally forged an alliance as active participants in NY’s graf culture, a bond that would expand into making music, inspired largely through Hip-Hop’s earlier boom-bap renaissance. Their aptly titled “All the MCs,” directed by Yael Shulman has members DFace, Calamity Chris, Doam Peace, in-house producer Ice Rocks, and featured guest emcee Too Deep, all paying tribute to the scene’s roots, while showcasing the importance of the music and its culturally elements. If you’re not following these guys, you’re missing out on a future classic. “All The MCs” is available for purchase on 12″ Vinyl and MP3 via DXA Records. The group’s self titled release is now available for download

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