This is a very interesting eponymous project from the group Bill Collectorz , an innovative New York City Hip-Hop collective consisting of producers/MC’s ED-APE and DJ Sireel, and MC’s Unibomber and Corley a.k.a Chinaman.  Together they present something different with this body of work, unpredictability is one, fun will be the other. Sonically expect a wide range of sources from funk, disco and even soul. Ed-Ape, who produced the bulk of the project, gets busy with the sample chops and edgy drums to match, think Beastie Boyz and Majesticons. Lyrically, they offer something refreshing, far from unexplored terrain but the perspective is novel at least. The usual 90s hip hop/pop culture references (nostalgia for the win), weird sexual innuendoes (less 2 live crew, more Kool Keith/DOOM) and distinct styles to keep things from going stale.

This is not a review but rather an expose for would be listeners. I did enjoy most of what Bill Collectorz 1.1  had to offer and I want to believe y’all would to. Check it out after the jump and leave comments. 

Mario Batali, Chun Li, and plans of taking over the world. To many these ideas may come across as random nonsense, but for New York based alternative Hip-Hop act BillCollectorz, it’s second nature. The group are truly an act like no other; their brand of multifarious and braggadocio “keeping it real” style raps and ridiculous subject matter will have you breaking out in fits of hysteria while realizing the truth behind what they’ve got to say. It’s bizarre and off the wall, but that’s the way we need it to be sometimes. Bill Collectorz 1.1 is now available for download. 

[wpsharely]Download Bill Collectorz 1.1: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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