So as previously posted, “Throwback” is now “Drop On A Classic”. And there’s no better way to start this new category, than with this iconic track based on “Word Is Bond”.

The term “word is bond”, was throughly used in the 90’s and this track by “Brand Nubian” was the epitome of it.


Bran Nubian was formed by 3 key figures in Hip Hop, Grand Puba, Lord Jamar & Sadat X and also DJs Alamo and Sincere. the album was produced in it’s entirety by Lord Jamar.

Brand Nubian are better know for their first album “One For All” which was immediately recognised as a classic, receiving 5 mics  (back when giving Mics meant something)

Word Is Bond is track number one of the album “Everything Is Everything” released in 1994. It was Brand Nubian’s 3rd and final release…

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Bran Nubian

The album didn’t sold as well as expected and the band split up a year after its release. But the singles “Word is Bond” and “Hold On.” prevailed as Hip Hop classics.


The track Word Is Bond was produced by Lord Jamar & Co-Produced by Sadat X, they sampled “I’m The One” by Average White Band (1976)

Average White Band – I’m The One (1976)

Average White band where a soul & funk band from Scotland/UK had a series of classic hits, and are better know for their 1977 funk classic “Pick Up The Pieces”

Also Sampled:

6 years before Bran Nubian, this track was sampled by “Unique” an MC/producer…in the track “Pure Dynamite” (1989), the single for the album “Die Hard”.

Unique – Pure Dynamite (1989)CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of the Drop On A Classic

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