Drea is far from green in this music thing and after dropping the heartfelt single “Circumstances” she returns with her debut EP, Ocean Avenue. The 4 track project is a culmination of her experiences and a true expression of who she is. The title is a homage to her childhood where she spent summers on the shores of Cape Cod.

The EP starts with the previously released single “Circumstances”  which sets the tone for the rest of the project with its dreamy and reflective textures that play second fiddle to Drea’s alluring honeyed vocals. The following track “Ritual” makes use of a smooth acoustic riff and warm textures as Drea delivers a sultry melodic run with much passion and adulation. “Indica” sure has a very obvious title but listeners can interpret it in whatever way they want as Drea makes it more of an open-ended conversation. The track has fewer percussions and is rigged with a soft guitar arrangement and ethereal textures that slowly build-ups in the chorus section. The track serves as the perfect outlet for her as she sings No one can make me this high this slow, No one can break me piece me back and help me grow.

The final track is the title track which closes out the EP on a very solemn and introspective note. Drea is as confident as ever and shows her significant other what she exactly wants and doesn’t beat around the bush. Over a chilled dreamy backdrop, she states I’ll tell you my favorite song it’s something you ain’t heard/Strum my strings don’t sing along just listen to my words” with such emotion and vigor.  While the EP is short, it was able to capture exactly what Drea wants in terms of her sensuality, love, and her self-expression. She doesn’t shy away from being empowered as well and hopes women are inspired by the relatable topics she touched upon on the EP.

Get “Ocean Avenue” on all DPS here.


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