This is boom bap at it’s purest form.. “Dragon Fli Empire & Def-Chap” hit up the masses with their very own soulful press of their debut collaborated project..If this is what we have in store for a new transition for boom bap.. Then im all for it, enjoy this vibe kids as it’s rare to humanity now… ghea keep is responsibly slapped up!..

A fresh little EP produced by Def-Chap from Saskatoon featuring Teekay and DJ Cosm of Calgay’s Dragon Fli Empire crew. Guest appearances by vocalist Joanna Borromeo, Chicago emcee Infinito 2017 and DJ Reflects.Via Bandcamp

[viral-lock]Preview/Purchase “DFE vs DEF” on Bandcamp Click Here[/viral-lock]

WIB3.0 Your Lucky Day..

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