FTG (Sean J & Soy) – The Heist (Prd. Soy)

First and foremost I must say that Sean J & Soy form the dopest MC/Producer team I’ve heard this year. They keep releasing very ill stuff, and both production and lyrics are always very polished and refreshing.

Personally I have to admit that I am a big fan on Sean’s skills. He keeps surprising with his lyrics and flow, which are always on point (Listen to his story telling skills on the track above).


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“Who The Flip? is the perfect way to get familiar with this emcee/producer collaboration, Flip Them Guys. Sean J (the emcee) and Soy (the producer) first worked with each other on Sean J’s last album, A Tree By Itself. With the great feedback they got for their musical chemistry, it was only right to make an official group. The term “Flip” that is used in the name of the group and the mixtape represents Sean J’s half (who is also half African-American) and Soy’s full Filipino heritage. The Who The Flip? Mixtape, which is presented by Reign Clothing Boutique and mixed by DJ Sureshot (who is also Filipino), is a compilation of some of the tracks the duo already released to the public. The mixtape also includes 2 new tracks, “DILLIGAF” and “Do Better”, which wasn’t released on any other project. On some of these tracks, you can find guest appearances from Jae Millz, MidaZ the Beast, Shinobi Stalin, AmIAm, UA (Unique Assassin), Dude, Illustrate (of Grey Matter), and Daewon. Since FTG can’t work on an official project because Soy is on military leave, just let the Who The Flip? Mixtape hold you down in the meantime.”

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