B. Lewis – Ongoing

B. Lewis – Sleeping on the Moon

B. Lewis – Outtake

Another phenomenal beat tape from B. Lewis. Only a few short months after his “Talking Chairs” LP, “Mercury Backburner” comes with a completely different style.. A few solid remixes including Anthony Hamilton and Jackson 5 joints, even an obscure remix of a Regina Spektor track help give this project depth and accessibility. Some of the best sampling and remixing around at present.

01. Saddle Up
02. What It Do Donkey
03. Mercury Backburner
04. Three Prong Exit
05. Your Shoes Untied
06. Ongoing
07. Do Do Do
08. Counting Milliseconds
09. Reverse the Steps
10. Plastic Ears
11. Sleeping on the Moon
12. Hardly Pardoned
13. Rabbit Smoke
14. The Best Disease
15. Electrified Slide
16. Outtake
17. Lucky 17
18. Flow With the Music
19. Mind Lock Stomp Box
20. Back On Track
21. Untitled Beat
22. Love Latency
23. Lingering Stale Lemons
24. Morning Yawn

Check B. Lewis on Myspace and Bandcamp.

Also peep our previous post on “Talking Chairs“.


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