NY emcee donSMITH connects with Mogul Club artist, HISTORY for a classic hometown anthem titled “OG > IG.”

donSMITH comes equipped with his characteristic silky flow and vivid lyrics showing he is all about his community and self-growth. Backed by the soulful backdrop he drops gem after gem and ends with this “…She made me swear, make the most of the little we had /So I ain’t giving niggaz game with no invoice attached.” HISTORY also is not far off and gives his own insight with lines like “…my niggaz told me go around cos I’m the bag now, the son of God but a bad child, wow!”

The visuals take the viewers across uptown, NY, and capture faces of the everyday people in their element.

“OG > IG”  is the second cut from donSMITH‘s latest COVID-19 relief fundraiser-driven EP, Dear Culture. Using the EP presales and donations, donSMITH partnered with non-profit, Fresh Youth Initiative, to raise more than $6,000 for latinx families devastated by COVID-19 in June and July. 

Get “OG > IG”  on Spotify.

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