donSMITH shares his new song “Table” and it features RadamizThrough honest and soulful storytelling, the emcee radiates his most vulnerable self through a confrontational rap technique, breaking any fourth wall. A passionate writer and creator, the 27-year old lyricist is self-made in every way, coming from a background of self-taught instrumentalism and musicianship. The RapFest calls him “one of Harlem’s most prominent upcoming emcees”, dedicating every day to extending his craft beyond studio walls and New York stages. 
 Emerging from New York City as a renaissance man, he is an active artist in every sense; from rapper to producer, from audio engineer to director. He aims to unify through the arts.
 In January 2018, don released his first official EP, Who is donSMITH: VOL II with appearances from NY’s own Chuck Strangers, Theravada, Flo Kennedy & more. Two years later, donSMITH returns with duel EP’s, Dear Culture & Postscript, preluding his first full length project Summer 2020. This new track shows you the calibre of rapper donSMITH is and you get to take meet him where he is at.

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