French disc jockey DJ Hart blesses us with his new single “Mean street$ ” which recruits Rich Quick, Nutso, Davenport Grimes and Audible Doctor. Built on a retro cinematic soundscape that really accentuates the subject matter, the emcees presents the listener in graphic detail how the streets get down. Dopeness from start to finish if you asked me.

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We tend not to think of Hip-Hop beyond American borders, but France has been holding it down for decades. Everyone has their own interpretation of what happened in the South Bronx, but the land responsible for G-funk fanatics turned dance robots, Daft Punk, and contemporary scratch artists, C2C, have managed to make their sound heard around the world. Joining a new wave of Hip-Hop acts is DJ J Hart, the Parisian born deejay/producer whose beats are bound to go global as he gets set to begin the promotional trail for his forthcoming, Passport EP, which is set to drop in September.

The project’s debut leak, “Mean Street$,” offers rap styles for every head — from Rich Quick’s witty wordplay, Audible Doctors’s unabashed bars, Nutso’s rugged rhymes, and Davenport Grimes’ soothing ‘street corner’ vocals, which unifies the Hip-Hop quintet. Inspired by Scorsese’s 1973 film bearing the same title, the track serves as an auditory effigy to the cult classic. From mysterious guitar tones, paired with head nodding drums and impressive cuts, you could easily whisk yourself to a time where crime reigned supreme in the mean streets of the big apple.

In conjunction with the release of Passport, Hart and Rich Quick will be touring Europe together, as they showcase their chemistry as producer, and emcee, an alliance that has been previously demonstrated on last June’s release of “Breakfast,” which went on to become the most popular indie single on DJBooth for all of 2014. The tour will also support Quick’s forthcoming LP, The Everywhere Man, which boasts Hart’s production, so expect to hear some gems from both artists in the months to come.

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