After all the hype, all the build up, all the anticipation that this battle with Dizaster was the singular point that he needed to become recognised again as one of the great MCs, Canibus produces a disappointment on a level never seen before in Hip Hop. What once was a maverick genius of an MC with a talent and knowledge rarely seen, if ever, with a penchant for punchlines was reduced to a figure standing on stage, with one arm held in a sling and the other holding a pad he was reading lines from in what was possibly the most whack sight ever seen in a Hip Hop battle. He actually pulled out a pad and started spitting a verse from it in a battle, and it wasn’t even any good! See the amazing footage in the above, and the whole battle after the jump.

This genuinely hurts. I was really looking forward to seeing how Canibus would do, the dude is such an amazing MC who’s career has been blighted by stigma and dreadful decisions, but what could have been recognised as one of the all time greats has now been reduced to a parody of him self. With the furore of Rip The Jacker II (what’s this convoluted DVD nonsense? Why has the release date been pushed back by a month every month for the past half year?) and now this, Canibus has surely reached the same stage a boxer does, when he knows he’s passed it and the best thing to do is retire from the game and slip into obscurity.

You can check the whole battle via the link below (skip the first minute or so). But unlock it first.

[viral-lock]Canibus v Dizaster Battle[/viral-lock]

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