In 1992 , Dj Babu; Evidence; and Rakaa joined forces and created the group Dilated Peoples. The California natives have been hip hop heavyweights since there first official release “Third Degree” was released in 1997. Even with there catchy, powerful lyrics they did not achieve much success at first.

Two of there tracks “This Way” and “Worst Comes to Worst” made the top 40 U.K. singles chart and set this underground hip hop group in stone. “This Way” was the basis of there prestige in America featuring Kanye West, Xzibit and John Legend. There album “Expansion Team” was also debuted at #8 on the US Billboard R&B Albums.

With there most previous release being back in 2006, Dilated Peoples feel like its time for new endeavors. At a recent performance, Dilated Peoples took time out of there set to announce that they were signing to Rhymesayers joining an impressive list including Atmosphere, MF Doom, Brother Ali, Aesop Rock, Jake One and Freeway. The group released their last four major projects on Capitol Records and are planning there first Rhymesayers Album. “Directors of Photography” is set to release sometime this spring of 2013.

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