What’s this? Lupe Fiasco comes out of the woodwork with a dope new track? It seems the Lupe that we became acquainted to during the Food And Liquor and The Cool years has returned fully functioning. ‘Light Blue‘ is the first track Lupe has dropped since announcing his latest album title – Tetsuo & Youth which, by the way, will NOT feature ‘Light Blue’ and I am under strict instruction from the man himself to make that explicitly clear – and over a grimy synth we hear the abstract, sporadic, elaborate prose so signature of Lupe Fiasco’s style. It seems he’s definitely switched up his style of beat since the early days – I can’t imagine this one on Food & Liquor – but it works all the same. Make sure you check it out, and until the next bit of Lupe news have a peep through his past material.

By the way, anyone know if Lupe is still signed to Atlantic?


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